Das KloHäuschen
Das KloHäuschen

  : Dr. Susanne Schmitt
  : Rasso Rottenfusser
  : Anja Uhlig & Das KloHäuschen

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Das KloHäuschen - KHBi3 Biennale
"At every step we stumble over forms of life flora, fauna, funghi, and others that seem unloved and neglected and appear to be neither beautiful nor useful. They are irritating, tidious, even dangerous or simply spoil the view. But unloved forms of the living animals, plants and others are also those who are simply ignored, excluded from care and attention. They do not spoil the view; they never even get into the focus of attention.”
Das KloHäuschen - KHBi3 Biennale
Opening 2 July 2016 . 8 pm
opening hours 3-8 July 2016 . 5-7 pm
Lecture am 4th July 2016 . 10-12 am
Eben Kirksey on Multispecies Pedagogy Rachel Carson Center
Guided Tour by the curator 5th July 2016 . 8 pm
with Dr. Susanne Schmitt
Final Event am 9 July 2016 . 8 pm
As a counterpart to the anthropocentric everyday life of human city dwellers, Susanne Schmitt features with her Biennial of neglected Forms of Life forms of everyday life, being alive, sociality and being at home, that usually never make it to the center of attention. The loving attention to the insignificant, rejected and neglected is the subject of this tonguein cheek and yet very serious Biennale.
This concept of Susanne Schmitt fits perfectly with KloHäuschen. It is itself a place that does not correspond to the usual beauty ideal and is therefore often overlooked as a rather necessary evil. KloHäuschen is a former public toilet at a corner of Munich’s famous wholesale market. The ”arrangements to ensoul the old public toilet at Munich’s wholesale market” make sure that its beauty and sovereignty is publicly recognized.
KloHäuschen is delighted to announce its KloHäuschen Biennial - KHBi3, which -existing since 2012- is now taking place for the third time being quite like Venice or Istanbul an international art exhibition. For this Biennial KLoHäuschen will trace in collaboration with Susanne Schmitt unknown "neglected forms of life" as part of its continuing ensoulment.
Das KloHäuschen - KHBi3 Biennale
Das KloHäuschen - KHBi3 Biennale
Das KloHäuschen - KHBi3 Biennale
Das KloHäuschen - KHBi3 Biennale
The Opening Event takes place on July 2nd at 8 pm. The Biennial is open until July 9th during the opening hours.
Das KloHäuschen
  Maßnahmen zur Beseelung des Klohäuschens an der Großmarkthalle
Ein Projekt des realitaetsbüros, gefördert vom Kulturreferat der LH München.
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